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Favorite Memories from our 2013 Turkey Board Meeting Post Trip

I loved sitting in the square between the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sofia, taking in the majesty of their history. The thing I realized very soon is how incredibly nice the Turkish people are; helpful, easy, unconditional.

Vera Lecocq.

The mosaics at the Church of St. Savior at Chora were among my favorite sights. The brilliant mosaics are stunning, which did not hold Debbie, Vera and me from sitting in a nook and show each other pictures of our cute dogs. The saints in the mosaics appeared to look sternly down on us for such disrespect!

Salome Ott.

Seeing and feeling ancient stone ruins of 3000 years B.C. – and knowing that while earthquakes have destroyed recent history, they haven’t destroyed these ancients. Faye Wckersham.

Scott and I very much enjoyed the healthy vegetation we saw in Istanbul, Antalya, and the various roads we traveled on. They were so well taken care of…And, although we have many of the same bushes, trees, and flowers in California, we were impressed with the intense colors of the flowers and the healthy bushes.
Vilma Boettcher.

“Turkey to me was a panorama of mosques, minarets, churches, historical sites and ruins, art and above all the people of every social strata proud of their country and their heritage. Thank you Hifziye for sharing your country with us and ensuring that our stay was enjoyable in every which way. ”

I found Turkey to be a Country of many surprises! Ancient ruins, modern cities, beautiful beaches, impressive mountains and terrific food! What really made it special to me was the fact that we had the best care ever from Hifzyie, Pelin and Muge! What a trio!
Maria Neighbors

I am fascinated by Istanbul! To choose some adjectives that describe it, I would say interesting, friendly, colourful, historic and at the same time very modern. Maybe some people will say, “she is Turkish that’s why she is so positive” but believe me Istanbul is an unforgetable city. I would like you to know that I have been around the world 6 times, visited many beautiful cities but if I had to choose 3 cities from that experience, one of them would be Istanbul.
Funda Aksanoglu

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