XXVIII National Conference of the Women´s Clubs of Brazil

The INTERNATIONAL WOMEN´S CLUB OF JOÃO PESSOA organized this Conference. There were about two hundred participants from 26 States. The theme was “Value of women”. The vice-president of João Pessoa Jô, who is a sociologist, did the talk. She traced the female value all the way back to Mary, mother of Jesus who sacrificed herself to be Jesus´s mother. Jô presented the female vision of looking at the female conditions instead of having always a male talking about the female conditions that is foreign to him.

At the opening ceremony, Stela, our Vice-President entered with our Club flag because Maria Helena was at a wedding in Fortaleza the same evening.

After the opening ceremony, we had a dinner where Viviane Viegas, Stela Carvalho, Sonia Jappur, Maria Ignez Villela and Suzy Lee were the representatives.

The talk on the 21st by Jô on the condition of women throughout the centuries was a very serious topic, so they had a “stand up” comedian do the second part comparing the difference between male and female in all situations and behaviors and was funny and relaxing.

At the General Assembly, Orchidéia Corciolli, President of the Confederation of the Women´s Clubs of Brazil presented her Board and the accounts of 201

In celebration of the 25th. Anniversary of the Confederation of Women´s Clubs, the International Women´s Club of Aracaju did a “flash mob” scene in honor of Orchidéia.

The Thanksgiving Mass was at the St. Anthony’s Church where Stela representing our Club offered a rose during offering time.

The next day was a scenic tour around the city of João Pessoa where we saw modern buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer at the “Estação Cabo Branco” and beautiful beaches of falésias.

During the time of the geographic movements, João Pessoa drifted away from the African Continent and formed the American Continent. It fits in the space in front of Dakar in African like a puzzle piece. The earth looks round from this point of João Pessoa and maybe on a good day we can see Dakar on the other side?

We ended our outing at 5:00 p.m. with the sun setting on the horizon and Jurandir; the local famous Saxophone player played Bolero of Ravel in a boat going into the sunset.

The Farewell Dinner was at the conference Hotel with a dance of “Maria, the beautiful” who fought with her husband in the war of the Cangaceiros.

On the left side is a picture of the members that participated with and without their husbands in João Pessoa.

It was a very interesting conference and we learned much of the people of PARAÍBA, where João Pessoa is the Capital

The next meeting will be in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. It is always a pleasure to meet and learn from our sister clubs and see how these dedicated VOLUNTEERS work to help others, donating their time and their money to the less fortunate.

Suzy Lee, WCI Liaison
International Womens Club of Porto Alegre, Brazil

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