On Tuesday May 19th, Arts and Cultural Group hosted their spring event at The Hong Gah Musuem, a precious hidden gem in Beitou. The museum is currently displaying some of the rarest embroidery collection. Approximately 50 members and guests attended this cultural event, including many friends of diplomatic corps.

Hong Gah Museum’s Chairman Andrew Chew warmly greeted all the participants, and gave a very interesting story behind his priceless private collection of the most exquisite embroidery pieces in the world today. Mr. Chew came across these pieces from his visit to China in the 1990 when China’s economic rise started. With Mr. Chew’s love for the arts and fear of the fate of these masterworks being disperse to different buyers around the world, he felt the sense of responsibility to keep these fine embroideries all in one place, therefore decided to purchase all the top pieces he saw in Suzhou and Hunan. At the same time, he continued to financially support these gifted embroidery artists to sustain their legacy so this beautiful artistry would not be lost.

After Mr. Chew’s fascinating presentation, participants were guided by the museum’s curator to view the collection of over 80 embroidery pieces. All were amazed in the detailed craftsmanship; it was hard to set the embroideries apart from the original paintings. Many asked again and again in disbelief whether the works were all embroidered and not painted. Hungarian Representative Levente Székely and his spouse Hedi Székelyne both attended this event, Hon. Székely complimented on the level of artistry and praised the artists’ dedication and their drive to go beyond the imaginable limit for the pure aesthetic and love for this unique art form. Hon. Ambassador of Solomon Islands Laurie Chan and his wife Christina Chan were also among the attendees who have expressed the pleasure of viewing these meticulously outstanding works.

Participants not only enjoyed this exclusive guided tour, but were also deeply impressed with Mr. Chew’s selfless way of sowing the seeds of art. One of the most notable master pieces “Night Banquet”, a work that Mr. Chew personally commissioned the embroidery artists in Suzhou which took 4.5 years and 8 artists to complete. Mrs. Anna Kau, wife of former MOFA’s Vice Minister appreciatively added ” We know there are people with the wealth to purchase things at their will, but very few have the greater vision like Mr. Chew, who’s willing to link his love for the arts and share his personal rare collection with his community, in addition, providing such an unique space for the general public to cultivate and develop cultural awareness.” Before leaving this elegant and charming exhibition, many attendees have conveyed their wishes to revisit the museum again with their friends and family, the urge to help sow the seed of art have radiated to all us after this delightful afternoon at The Hong Gah Museum.

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