February has been all about our WFIC Members! I hope those who attended our first ever Members Tea* on the 12th left knowing how important each member is to our club. Beginning with our Fab New Members to our celebrated Charter Members and all of us in-betweens’ we cannot do without a one of you. If you have not met our 21 newest members, please take the next opportunity to do so for they are going to make outstanding members. Eleven in the group are internationals. They have attended an Orientation session to learn the history, bylaws and meet not only the leadership of our club but to learn about their fellow new members. Let’s all make them feel truly Welcome to Our Club.

If you missed the Members Tea you also missed a celebration to honor our five Charter Members: Peggy Drescher, Helen Ann Federspiel, Helen M. Fox, Mary Lou Nadeau and Nancy B. Wallace. A video presentation of the early history of Marion Adair, WTW, the founding of WFIC and the involvement of these five Charter members from the original 86 Charters was expertly done by Barb Roy. We were even treated to the original song that was sung at all the early meetings. The autobiographies of these wonderful ladies, accompanied by actual photographs taken from our historical archives, was narrated by past President Nancy Furstner. Pat Adams, another past President, presented each lady with an ivory silk peony reminiscent of Marion Adair’s’ flower of choice for Presidents. As each lady stepped forward a certificate was presented naming her an Honorary Lifetime member of WFIC. All those in attendance rose to give these long serving members the applause they deserve. Thank you’s are never said enough to all those who gave time volunteering to make this a special event: Bobbie Turner, Tea Chair and her team of members from last years group, Lis Schwesinger, Membership Director who through her introductions of our New Members made each more special to us, Dorly Rebholz who capture all on film and Rosemary Bonham-Smith for her words of inspiration on friendship. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon with friends over tea!

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