Maria Fernanda Arduino
de Obiglio
International Women’s Club
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Dear Ladies,

The purpose of Welcome Clubs International is to unite a worldwide network of independent international women’s clubs around the world that share a common goal of cross-cultural education and friendship. Welcome Clubs International promotes an attitude of service to others through friendship and understanding. Friendship entails the capacity to give to others and to receive from others. We invite you to take time to know each other to help us grow gentle and serene.

As an international organization, we strive to nurture the bonds of global communities. When we listen to others empathetically, we can share their joys and feel their sorrows. In this way, we can relate to one another generously; moreover, we can engage the varied backgrounds represented among our members lovingly. Our differences support growth in wisdom and in perceptive awareness. Divergent cultural atmospheres provide us with the possibility to gain knowledge and maturity.

May we women pursue this dream of building bridges that hold equal respect and care for both local culture and each other’s diverse culture, in order to keep vibrant our goal of reaching out to others with compassion.

In Friendship,
Maria Fernanda Arduino, EdD

Welcome Clubs International
President 2016-2019

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