Membership in WCI is open to International Women’s Clubs around the world. WCI member clubs reach out to women of many different nationalities. Member clubs are autonomous, but share a common commitment to cross-cultural knowledge, friendship, understanding, and education. Many member clubs have additional goals, including community activities and charity work. WCI and its member clubs are non-political and non-religious.

Affiliate Members: Affiliate members are individual international women’s clubs:
  • The President of each club is a member of the WCI Board of Directors
  • Individual members of each club are invited to attend WCI’s biennial conferences
  • Individual members of each club are eligible to serve on WCI’s Executive Committee
  • Each club has one vote
Associate Members: Associate members are associations representing a group of international women’s clubs:
  • Clubs belonging to an associate member are invited to attend WCI’s biennial conferences
  • Any individual club belonging to the associate member can apply for affiliate membership in WCI, at which time all affiliate member rights apply
  • An associate member club does not have voting rights
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