Welcome Clubs International

Founded in 1986, WCI is an organization
representing international women’s clubs around the
world who share a common goal of cross-cultural
knowledge, friendship, understanding, and education.


WCI acts as a forum for its member clubs and their individual members to communicate with each other. WCI coordinates and facilitates information and news linking its membership together. We offer a network for women of cultural differences to communicate. WCI member clubs foster cross-cultural knowledge, friendship, and understanding between international women living in their respective communities. However, all clubs are autonomous and many have additional goals including community activities and charity work. Individual clubs have different organizational structures.

Most organizations are formed around a common interest – Welcome Club members come together to share their differences.

  • We are united by our commonalities and enriched by our differences.
  • We educate each other in the diverse cultural heritage and traditions of our respective countries.
  • We share our interests and explore them anew through the kaleidoscope of other cultures.
  • We focus on the building of personal connections with women around the world in the belief that this will eventually influence relationships between countries.

We have been called “Citizen Diplomats.” We practice diplomacy one friendship at a time! We form our friendships through understanding. . .and gain understanding through our friendships.

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