WCI holds its International Conference every two years, typically during the month of May.
The International Conference is open to all individuals belonging to WCI Affiliate and Associate member clubs.

International Conferences hold the key to connecting individual member clubs through meetings, creative topic development, workshops, lectures, and first-hand cultural participation. Attendees share their club’s activities and experiences, learning how others have enhanced exposure to different cultures within their communities. The attendees exchange ideas about their activities, including such subjects as planning, topic selection, locating and enlisting talent, and attracting new members. Learning how other organizers have achieved workable programs, activities, goals, and venues, the attendee can find solutions for use by their home club.

Knowledgeable speakers present topics of interest to all. Lectures extend over a wide range of topics, including history, health care and nutrition, changing social status of women, education, economics, unique cultural and regional attributes, the arts as expressed by the host club, the sciences as they pertain to cultural development and social impact, and current affairs. Lectures are extensive in breadth of subject, including question and answer sessions to clarify and amplify the lecture topic. WCI International Conferences open the way for women from diverse cultural backgrounds to identify common concerns and address their impact.

Most importantly, WCI conference attendees participate in personal contact with fellow members from around the world. Attendees experience the culture and traditions of the host club through presentations and tours. The host club has the opportunity to present its country, its heritage, and its culture.

Each international conference is hosted by a member club. The host club is responsible for the planning of cultural and social events surrounding the conference. These events and tours are designed to showcase the host club’s country and culture and give all attendees a better understanding of the history and traditions of the region. Social activities are a platform for members to form personal friendships, and through these friendships gain a unique insight and understanding of another culture, another point of view.

WCI generally offers an optional 5-6 day post-conference trip for attendees and their spouses/guests. This venue provides additional opportunity to experience the host club’s culture in greater depth.

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