Marian Adair Award


The Marian Adair Award is presented at WCI’s Biennial Conferences. The recipient, chosen by the club hosting the conference, is a woman who has made notable contributions to further our understanding of each other and who has demonstrably championed the cause of cross-global understanding, friendship, and education in her profession, community, country, or the world.

Marian Adair, wife of U. S. Representative E. Ross Adair of Indiana, founded Welcome to Washington International Club to introduce visiting women to American customs and to help promote meaningful friendships worldwide. As members of Welcome to Washington returned to their home countries, they established similar clubs, thus creating Welcome Clubs International. The Marian Adair Award was established in 2009 to honor the Founder’s achievements.


The Marian Adair Award was designed by artist:

Julia San Román

A former member of both the Women’s International Border Club
Welcome to California International Club
Learn more about Julia San Román and her work at

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